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Sole F85 Treadmill Review

sole f85 treadmill review
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  1. Jamil says:

    Hey thanks so much for all the great information on treadmills here. I didn’t know there was so much going on with them today. I found this post very informative and I’ll be using everything I learned here to make a knowledgeable purchasing decision. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Marge says:

    Hi! I’m with you – I love having a treadmill at home. This looks like a really good one. I like the idea of a touchscreen for the controls – a lot easier to use than pushing buttons. I’m wondering – since it’s so big and heavy, does Amazon have an extra delivery fee? Great review, by the way. I appreciate hearing about your own personal experience with the treadmill.

    1. Treadmill Essentials says:

      Good question regarding the delivery. Amazon usually offers free shipping on the treadmills even though it’s a heavy item. Also, Amazon always want to give the customer the best deals, so this is what usually happens: If the treadmill is sold by a vendor using Amazon, the interesting thing is sometimes they will charge for shipping, but it still works out CHEAPER than the cost of the treadmill with free shipping by another vendor. Plus, remember that as long as the treadmill is purchased using Amazon’s site, you are completely covered by their returns policy and guarantee no matter which vendor you use. 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Great info about this treadmill! I love the cool feature where you can send data right to your devices. Also love the sturdiness of the machine.

  4. Lauren says:

    I was looking for a treadmill that played music. I don’t like running with headphones in at home so this is perfect! Thanks for the information about it being a quiet treadmill too.

  5. Cala says:

    A friend from work actually has one of these Sole F85 treadmills and I was able to hop on it the other day while stopping by her place. I liked it a lot and had already figured it would be a good investment for our family and space. Your review has sealed the deal! Thanks

  6. GalenaB says:

    Great information on this treadmill! It’s one of the next pieces of equipment on my list to add to my own home gym and this looks like a great buy!


  7. Joseph Iwasevic says:

    Great review, I just got mine and it comes in a huge box. If you need it in a room upstairs you’ll need a couple men or you can pay extra and ask the delivery firm to do it when setting up the delivery date. Shipping weight is close to 400lbs.

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