How to burn more fat in less time on a treadmill

Focus HIIT
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  1. Bec says:

    This is fantastic – I’m in exactly that position, working Mom, trying to fit it all in, and it is such a struggle! So this information is so useful. I agree also, that it is also useful to exercise with others, it seems so much harder alone – doesn’t it? Thank you!

    1. Treadmill Essentials says:

      I definitely recommend having a buddy! Not only does having the accountability help, it’s also more fun with a friend!

  2. Are treadmills very heavy to move around? I was thinking about getting one and I think it would be nice to have it out on the patio when the weather is nice. I’m not sure that would be practical though as I expect they are heavy and designed to be kept in one place.

    1. Treadmill Essentials says:

      Yes, most treadmills are too heavy to be moved around. However, many are foldable but not very mobile. You can get light ones but they tend to be lower in motor power and less durable so only useful for jogging or low usage. On the other hand, if you have a couple of strong men who can help you out, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind moving the treadmill onto the patio for you…….!

  3. Quinn says:

    Thanks for the informative article. We do HIIT in other areas of our workout and I have to say, it really works! I also would like to point out that it seems a lot easier to accomplish because you get significant results with less workout time overall. The analogy of a sprinter is appropo. The human body was designed more for that than long distance running, so the HIIT style of workout out seems to be more natural. Thanks again.

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks for all the interesting information. The HIIT plan sounds like a great idea. It also sounds more reasonable. Easier than running those long distance runs. Which I cannot do.

  5. Denis says:

    A great article. I too am a treadmill owner and for long periods I must admit that it was great for hanging clothes on! However, I have managed to rediscover the running bug again these past few months and although I try to run outside, as the autumn approaches and the nights draw in, the treadmill will offer me the opportunity to run indoors. HIT is a great approach to running and keeping it interesting. Its great to push yourself hard knowing that you will have a recovery period in a short while. I also advocate listening to music with a good tempo to help your rhythm, and to steer clear of watching movies, or TV. As well as potentially being distracting, the latter can have an effect on your motivational levels….unless you are watching Rocky or something!!

  6. suze says:

    Thanks for the advise on using HIIT on the treadmill. I love doing HIIT workouts and now will incorporate this into a treadmill run twice a week. I am a walker actually (anywhere from 40 – 60 km a week) and find that HIIT the workouts help to build my lung capacity that I don’t get with my walking. I have a treadmill that I use when it gets too cold or stormy to be outdoors so this will get me using that piece of equipment for more than just as a filler.

    1. Treadmill Essentials says:

      I love the summer time when you can enjoy the weather and being outdoors, but hate the rain and cold – so yes I tend to use the treadmill more in the winter!

  7. Carl says:

    Wow, Thanks for the info on HIIT, i have done a lot of running on a treadmill before, and then i stopped because it was too boring. But with this technique, i can periodically set goals and a variety of challenges, and all in less time than before. This is great

  8. George says:

    I will have to give this a try. I enjoy jogging and feel great after a workout, but I’m not seeing much change in my body. This explains why. Thanks for the great article! Do you recommend a certain treadmill that has a programmed workout that simulates HIIT?

  9. I have heard of HIIT and know it is effective. Is this pretty much the same as TABATA training? Sounds very similar. Treadmills are wonderful tools when we are not able to go outside and walk or run. When I was a young mother that was the choice for exercising while babies were in the house. HIIT training could help a new mom with her after pregnancy desire to get back in shape quicker and build stamina again. Thanks for the training ideas! Would you do a guest blog for my website on getting back in shape after pregnancy and birth?

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