About Us

about us
Credit: Jan Willem Geertsma

Welcome to Treadmill Essentials!

Like you, we just want to get fit.  Here you’ll learn tips on how to improve your fitness, enjoy your running and find all the information you need on what treadmill is best for you.

Our team at Treadmill Essentials have the following philosophy:

  1. We want get the most out of our treadmill running time as we have busy lives.
  2. We want to learn how to get fit in the fastest, healthiest and fun way possible.
  3. We want embrace our individuality and help our readers choose the workout and treadmill that suits their lifestyle and goals.
  4. We want to be an encouragement to help each of us get fit and feel great!

You’ll notice that we have different sections on the site.  Some are dedicated to helping you get inspired and get ideas to maximize your workout.  Some are reviews of products that you may be considering purchasing.

We love testing and finding out which machines perform the best, and which are the most suitable for your needs.

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you.

Feel free to look around and if you want to ask any questions, please hit us up on our “contact us” page.





Happy running!